Prince Mahidol Award Conference 2011 Field Trip 7

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2011-03-31 15:29
Prince Mahidol Award Conference 2011 Field Trip 7
Siriraj hospital: Doctor Education and Rural Track of Doctor Production

Siriraj Hospital was founded in 1888 and its medical school was founded two years later. Faculty of Medicine Siriraj Hospital is the biggest, the oldest, and the most favorite medical school and hospital in Thailand. As the institute comprises a medical school and a hospital, its three main missions include producing of quality graduates to render medical and public health services, conducting research to create knowledge and technological advancement which are most beneficial to people, and providing excellent health service.

Throughout our 120-year history, we have strived to become a world-class medical school. Efforts have been put to improve medical education programs in both undergraduate and post graduate levels. Our medical curriculum has been transformed for several times. We also develop many curriculums for paramedical professionals. An example is the Bachelor of Applied Thai Traditional Medicine program which was first developed in our institute. The program aims to revive and conserve the Thai Traditional Medicine, to integrate the Thai wisdom with the international ones in order to establish the Thai traditional health service with the standard of modern health services, and to manufacturing Thai herbal medicines with qualified standard. As a result, the health care system in Thailand would be more self-reliant.

Our institute is also the first to develop the Routine to Research (R2R) project, a revolutionary research management project. The project provides the essential resources, e.g. funding, research assistance and methodologist consultant, to facilitate the hospital staff in order to transform their daily health-service and unique know-how into scientifically sound research. The information from the research is then used to improve routine practice. The R2R is now considered as the empowering tool for human resource and organizational development. It has gained recognition from both public and private sectors, and from both national and international levels. It won the Asian Hospital Management Award (human resource development category) in 2007. Nowadays, the Ministry of Public Health of Thailand has been using our R2R model to promote R2R activities throughout Thailand.

After the formal sessions of medical education in Thailand and R2R project, participants of PMAC would have opportunity to experience an enjoyable relaxing moment of court-type Thai traditional massage by our Thai traditional massage experts and our spectacular digital live library -- Siriraj Medical Library. All activities, both formal and informal, are prepared to share our experience in human resource management and development which benefits not only our organization but also our country as a whole.

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