Prince Mahidol Award Conference 2011 Field Trip 1

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2011-03-31 13:09
Prince Mahidol Award Conference 2011 Field Trip 1

Taladjinda Health Center and Sampran Hospital: Community Participation

Health centers are the forefront health facilities, mainly located at rural areas. Health centers are the ideal health facilities that can provide comprehensive health care cover: curative, health promotion, disease prevention and rehabilitation services. With limited staff like Taladjinda Health Center, there is no other choice except to shift the care from curative services to health promotion services. And to do this, human resources and financial resources have been mobilized from communities with full people participation. For many years the Taladjinda Health Center has shown that task shifting from formal health workforce to community volunteers could provide comprehensive care to people. Due to the collaborative work between communities and Taladjinda Health Center, it won the best health center award of the country in 2010.

Sampran Hospital is a 60 bed hospital located at Sampran district, Nakornpratom and is about 30 kilometers from Bangkok. The hospital provides health care covering a population of 137,518, and is a referred hospital,for Taladjinda Health Center and other health centers. Like other community hospitals, located at urbanized areas, Sampran Hospital has to improve itself to compete with private hospitals in relation to health workforce retention. Sampran Hospital has high workload in relation to existing staff, therefore the hospital has employed several measures to plan and manage health workforce in order to attract and retain them in the hospital.

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